Luke Barlow


Frame Creator is an application for the configuration, visualisation, and detailed pricing of picture frames, created for Dyson Art. It includes built in video conferencing and real time collaboration with customers.

Interface design by Browns.

React, TypeScript, Redux, WebRTC, three.js
Netlify, Cloudinary, FaunaDB

screenshot of Frame Creator

Physics simulation of a dandelion, written as one of the demo items for Io 360

React, TypeScript, three.js, ammo.js, emscripten

screenshot of dandelion simulation

Swing Click is a metronome app for drummers to practice fine gradations of swing.

Design and coding by Luke Barlow, based on the original idea of Jack Ashley, drummer, and created in collaboration with him.

React, TypeScript, MobX, Capacitor, Web Audio API
the Swing Click app on a phone

Beet is a prototype application for visual management of inventory, representing each SKU as a card. I wrote custom WebGL shaders to achieve fluent animation of a large number of cards.

Design and coding by Luke Barlow

React, d3, WebGL, Python, cherrypy, PostgreSQL

screenshot of Beet

Sellery, an application for managing inventory and repricing on Amazon

I was leader of the UI team, and instrumental in motivating and designing the application. It continues to be a successful subscription product.

Java, GWT, Scrum Master

screenshot of Sellery, a tennis ladder for friends.

React, three.js, MongoDB Atlas

screenshot of

Pyxida, website for French charity sector consultants

React, TypeScript, Next.js, Netlify CMS

screenshot of

Website for the Dalston Music Festival in 2016.

Designed by Mathias Clottu

React, d3, Web Audio API

screenshot of

Abnorm, artist website

React, Netlify, Gatsby, Netlify CMS

screenshot of

built with